This Is For The Birds

This Is For The Birds

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Iceberg Threatens Colony of Penguins

I’m having a problem with the real title of this article; not because it is ten miles long, but because of the words have been killed. I would use the words have died instead.

[150,000 Penguins Killed]
by May Bulman
February 13. 2016

An estimated 150,000 penguins of Cape Denison in Commonwealth Bay have been killed since the iceberg measuring 1,120 square miles - larger than Luxemberg - forced them to trek 70 miles for food.

The penguins used to live near a large body of open water, but the arrival of the iceberg in East Antarctica and fast ice expansion has dramatically increased the distance they must travel to feed.

The colony of 160,000 has shrunk to just 10,000 since 2011, according to research carried out by the Climate Change Research Centre at Australia’s University of New South Wales.

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