This Is For The Birds

This Is For The Birds

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Granted, the Yellow-billed Cuckoo made my day on the first of July, 2012, but there were a few more of my feathered friends who were there as well. There was a Blue Jay who basically demanded that I take his picture. My favorite goose in the whole wide world was there. There was a pain-in-the-neck male Orchard Oriole who kept me looking almost straight up for roughly ten minutes as he sang his little song from the tops of the highest trees. His wife was there, and she, too, was a pain in the neck. I really did have to look straight up to get her, although she did grant me a face-to-face visit along with a rather forward display of her backside. :) There were also a couple curious young Eastern Bluebirds who didn't seem bothered at all by my presence nor by my focus beam, and there was a Gray Catbird who seemed a quite taken aback by the fact that I had even laid eyes on it.

My top five quality photos:

In time line order, here are the twelve runners up:


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