This Is For The Birds

This Is For The Birds

Monday, September 10, 2012

FAVORITE PHOTOS: 120719 (prelude)

For me and my immediate family, the highlight of every summer is the extended family’s annual pilgrimage to Bailey’s Point, Kentucky, which is a camping area situated on a bank of Barren River Lake. (See the peninsula extending out from the south and east of the A, while west of the two lake islands.)  

This year, I and my immediate family arrived there on the 18th of July, and I was up and at it on the 19th by 0700 hours. The place is rather large, but there was a particular area I had long been planning to check out first. There was somebody I wanted to see, someone who had kind’a gotten away from me the year before. This guy:

The above image of a Great Blue Heron was my first somewhat of a capture on the first morning of last year’s stay at Lake Barren. I saw it finishing breakfast in the shallow water of a cove, but not before it saw me. By the time I got over the surprise and was able to focus, it was way high and far away. I went to look for it again first thing on each subsequent morning of the stay, but had no luck.

Over a year later, I was back at it. As I came around the stand of trees to view the cove, just like before, I watched it lift off. If you know anything about the Canon XS’s you know that they take a while to focus. Well, despite being ready for the surprise, I was nonetheless surprised; and by the time I had gotten myself and my camera focused, it had happened again. See:

The irony of getting almost identical misses two years in a row left me wondering whether I had been cursed or blessed.

I later saw the answer.

See the bird in the upper right corner? That was my sign.

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